We must have ticked him off…

This past Saturday was an awesome day at the Ridge. We had our single parents car winterization where those serving worked on 79 cars, cut hair for 32 people, gave away tons of stuff and met a lot of new people and showed them the love of Christ. Then, at about 5:00pm Saturday our computer that runs our video and powerpoint for our messages fried it’s power supply. We have a service that starts at 5:15. Ruh-Roh! Due to the quick thinking of our awesome IT guys we got a temporary fix up and running for the powerpoint display at least but alas no video. Sunday arrived and we we had great plan and aspirations but still fought the enemy for the first service and again no video. The second service we got the video going with some struggles and the third went like clock work. Whew!!! Evidently satan did not want this stuff to be seen and celebrated but through prayer and faith in Christ we overcame. Now, the video is something the Lord gave me the idea for a while back for this message series. Little did I know our awesome and expensive camera would be in the shop. I shot it on my cheapo handi-cam and Geoff Justice, editor extrodinaire, doctored it up as best he could. But all’s well that ends well. I had a few comments from those that did see it seemed to have spoken to them. I take no credit what-so-ever for any of it. This was one of those God things, not just the idea for the video but the story in the video too. You can check it out here. Be sure to check back next week and view Dave’s video. We shot it Monday and it blew my mind. The Lord really has His hand on this one I think.

I also promise the few readers out there and for those poor, bored, unfortunate souls that stumble upon this blog, I will attempt to post more frequently in the future.

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