About Rick

I am a Christ follower or Jesus freak whichever you choose to call me. I have been blessed to be massage therapist and the owner of Vandalia Massage Therapy since 1998. I also make waves as the  communications director for The Ridge Church.

Why “i’m used”? Well, I’m certainly no one special by any means. But, I do attempt to allow God to use me when, where and however He can. If I am obedient to Him and don’t mess it all up it can be an amazing thing. I love being used by Him.

I have a wonderful, caring , grace-filled wife named Jenni. I believe in patience mainly because I have witnessed it in her through-out our marriage of 22+ years now. We have a beautiful, amazing daughter, Marissa. These two ladies are the joy of my life and at the same time the reason for my baldness.

You can also find me on facebook here.

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