What I want for my daughter…

booThis is my daughter, Marissa. I know things can’t be perfect for her all her life. But if I can do anything to protect or prepare her for troubled times I desperately want to do that. She recently started driving which I am excited about for her but at the same time it scares the crap out of me. She has begun to look at colleges and is exploring her options of career choices. Again, a very exciting time to share with her but it means time is short. Have I given her my all? Is she ready for what lies ahead? Although I’m sure I wasn’t the father she deserved at times. I hope and pray I have been the best father I could be and that she can forgive me for the rest. I want her to always know, as long as I hold breath in my body, I am here for her, no matter what. There is nothing she can’t bring to me or ask me.

There are certain things I want for her in her life.

  • I want her to pursue Christ… I want her to live a Godly life and never stop following Christ and reaching others for Him.
  • I want her to know she is beautiful… We are all created in God’s image and that makes us all beautiful, so many women never hear enough, how beautiful they really are.
  • I want her to make the most of her life… That may sound corny but I want her to have as few regrets as possible in her life and I want her to hear those words “well done My good and faithful servant”.
  • I want her to never know a stranger… She can be the sweetest person I know, when she wants to be, I want her to use that to touch as many lives as she can.
  • I want her to never settle… To always do her very best and never settle for good enough in school, work, love or life.
  • I want her to fall in love (in the far future) with a certain kind of man…
    • He needs to love God… I want him to be the spiritual leader she needs to guide her, lead her and protect her.
    • He needs to love her… I want him to love her with all the passion and attention she wants, needs and deserves.
    • He needs to make her happy… Not with material things but with what her heart truly desires.
    • He needs to make her laugh… Marissa has an infectious laugh that needs to be heard as often as possible.
    • (guys if you’re not up to these tasks don’t even bother)

Finally, I want her to know how important she is to me… I have not done well providing, supporting or emphasizing the things listed above for Marissa. I am praying that God will help me to see and sieze each and every moment that I can use to prepare her for what ever He has for her. Please keep me in prayer that I will do better in the future. Marissa, please forgive me my shortcomings, I love you Boo.

2 responses

  1. snoozy72

    You have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, and she in turn has been blessed with two of the greatest parents a girl could ask for. Worry not, Poppa, you and Jenni have equipped her with enough sense, grace, and love to take on the world!

    December 5, 2008 at 11:27 am

  2. darrelbob

    can i cut and paste this for maddie?

    December 15, 2008 at 10:48 am

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