Let’s Not Get All Crazy Here…

I saw this on Tim Schraeders Blog

Now first off, as followers of Christ, let’s not get all crazy about this. Bill Maher is simply a victim here. He is being used by satan. We need to pray for him and not condemn him. Am I sad about this movie? Yes. Am I disgusted by this movie? Yes. But Bill Maher is not to blame here. In fact from the looks of the previews some of or all of us may be to blame. I spent 35 years of my life not wanting to know Jesus Christ because of some the people and their actions. Is that their fault? Not always but it didn’t help me any. I don’t blame them just as I don’t blame Bill Maher for this movie. He is just like all of us. He questions what he doesn’t understand. Unfortunately he is seeking answers to those questions in the wrong places just as so many of us have in the past and present. Please join me in prayer for Bill Maher. That the Lord put people in his path that can direct him to the answers he so desperately seeks. Also that God use this movie to spark questions in others out there and start that spiritual journey for them. And that He equip, prepare and use us as followers of Christ to be ready for them. To guide them in the direction that God would have them go. Please join me in this prayer and in this mission.

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