The Schick Family

The Schick Family

Meet the Schick family. Darrel and Ruth (the parental units) and their children Grayson and Carter (in the back) Spencer (in between) and Madison (the adorable young lady). Darrel is our pastor. But for me he is also one of the best friends I have ever had. Last night I got a call from him. Maddie had fallen and broken her arm. Ruth had taken her to Childrens Hospital where she most likely would need surgery involving pins and things. Please be in prayer for her today. Darrel recently sold his car and is in the middle of finding a new one. He asked if I would drive him down to the hospital. I took him down there and went in to see how Maddie was doing (she’s going to be fine) and then I stuck around for a while. I was on my way home at about 1:00 am and I was praying for Maddie and the doctors and Darrel and Ruth. And I had this over whelming feeling come over me. It was joy and peace. Now this may sound strange but the thing is until I gave my life to Christ I probably wouldn’t have done this sort of thing for anyone. I didn’t have very close friends that would have even asked me to do this. Of course they thanked me and all but I would like to thank them for their trust in me to ask for my help in a time of need. I am honored and truly blessed to have friends like the Schicks and I am always and forever happy to serve them in any way. Thank you God for creating them and for putting them along my journey. And thank you Darrel, Ruth, Grayson, Carter, Maddie and Spencer. Get well soon Madigan.

<update: Maddie is doing well and should be home this evening>

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