How do you communicate?

With all of the choices we have now, communication can actually be more challenging and difficult. It used to be so easy. You called someone and if they weren’t there you called back. Now, there’s texting, email, phone calls, voicemail and a wide range of social media. Laptops, desktops, cell phones, iPods, iPads, all of which can access any of the infinite tools we have to disseminate information and communicate.

With all of these options at our fingertips it’s easy to have messages strewn across 10-20 different apps or programs. This makes it easier to overlook something important and miss out or mess up. I have method to my communications madness. I make no claims that it’s better than any other but it works well for me.

Phone calls/voicemail: If I receive a phone call and the caller does not leave a message I DO NOT return the call. I have had too many negative experiences returning calls from caller ID. I know some people do but I just choose not to. If I call someone else and I don’t leave a message I don’t expect a call back. If it’s important I’ll leave a message or I’ll even text them and ask them to call me when they are free. A lot of the time if I see someone left a voicemail I will call them back without even listening to the message. Weird? Maybe but it’s what I do.

Texting: I typically use this for brief messages. Texting is a wonderful invention for those short little statements or questions. “On my way home”, “what do you want from Wendy’s?”, “call me when u can”, “love you”. If you want to converse with me, call me. I don’t like texting enough to type out long messages. I’d rather just talk on the phone if I have the time.

Twitter: I love Twitter! I use it to gather information mostly. Twitter posts usually need to add value to my life.  If someone I am following posts too much about personal stuff or rants about politics etc. I stop following them.

Facebook: This is a great tool for catching up with old friends and family. It drives me crazy when people use it in place of email. I don’t look at it that much. My Twitter feed updates to my Facebook so it may look like I’m on a lot but I’m not. Also, Facebook seems to like changing my settings so I get flooded with emails from them so I have created an email address that I don’t check or use at all for that account.

Email: Hey, call me old but I still love my email. I forward Tweets to my email so I can look at them later. I email myself notes all the time. I use my email INBOX as my life inbox. If it needs done by me the best way to get me to do it is by sending me an email. For me, email is still the best place to store, sort and search information. I also don’t “play”  with email. My spam filters are set high and if it has FWD in the subject I tend to delete it fast. I love jokes and have a great sense of humor but I just have no time for distractions in my INBOX.

How about you?


Addendum: I realized that I left out the most important form of communication TALKING! Often imitated never duplicated. None of the above forms, methods, or tools can replace genuine face-to-face conversation. Tone, inflection, feeling, passion are all important pieces to our communication and none of them can be expressed better than in person.

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