Please Stop Laughing at Me…

“Please Stop Laughing at Me” by Jodee Blanco sheds some light on the age old problem of bullying. Jodee spent the vast majority of her school years from 5th grade through high school being the victim of countless physical and mental attacks by her peers. Jodee has done a good job of putting the reader in her shoes as we walk through her life of fear and frustration. We experience Jodee’s suffering from her attackers as well as her shame in what she perceives as her fault and letting down her family.

Time and time again bullying is ignored, pushed aside or excused as “kids being kids” but as you can read here the lack of social acceptance and constant demeaning and out-right torture has serious effects on the victims at the time as well as unforeseen long-term damage. As a child and young man I found myself on both sides of bullying and this book gives a painfully accurate description of the mindset of the giver as well as the receiver.

“Please Stop Laughing at Me” is not exactly a victims survival guide but one persons story of survival and even some resolution which shows there is always hope.

Thank you Jodee Blanco for having the courage to rehash and open this agonizing season of your life to help others to see the error of their ways as victimizers and for those victims to see it is possible to heal and move on. I commend you for breaking free and driving onward with your life.

FTC DISCLAIMER: “I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.


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