I spend a lot of time on the roof and my shoes are full of sand…

The other day I was contemplating Proverbs 21:9 and 19 “It’s better to stay outside on the roof of your house than to live inside with a nagging wife.” And “It’s better out in the desert than at home with a nagging, complaining wife.”

Really? Is that sound marital advice? I can’t see paying a counselor to tell me “Well Mr. Phillips how’s your roof?” or “have you considered vacationing in the Sahara, alone?” That can’t be right. So, I started thinking would I really rather be on the roof or in the desert than to listen to my wife nag? Well, yea, probably. (ok, Jenni, don’t stop reading yet, I have a point here)

But, really, why would she be nagging me? Most likely, from something I have done to warrant it. What is it to nag? <Nag: verb – to find fault or complain in an irritating, wearisome, or relentless manner>. Notice the word wearisome. Ok guys it’s confession time how many of you cause your spouses to be weary from repeated asking or requesting? Please take out the trash etc. Ring a bell guys? I know I’m uber guilty. So is it better to get out the ladder and head to the roof or trek into the Sahara? Not really except when you consider how most of us guys respond to our wives “wearisome, relentless requests” What do we do fellas? Am I alone here? I usually ignore it or shove back and start some goofy, unnecessary argument over some simple request. I get all busy with some other “important” project, like writing this blog right now instead of the simple task my wife asked me to do about an hour or so ago. While I have known my wife to “nag”, I can’t think of a single time it wasn’t brought on by something I could have done to keep her from going that route.

So, gentlemen, are we better off rooftop or camel riding? No, not really but if we respond the way we normally do, maybe we are. Proverbs 18:22 says “A man’s greatest treasure is his wife– she is a gift from the LORD.” Shouldn’t we treat gifts from the Lord with love and cherish them? Shouldn’t we want to care for, serve and love our bride the way Christ cares for, serves and loves His bride (us, the Church)? So, here’s my challenge: for the next week super serve your wife. If she asks you to do something for her get up and do it, then, not when you get around to it. If she asked you to do it, it’s important to her. If it’s important to her it should be important to you. Or how about this, do something for her before she asks. Now, there’s a crazy thought. Let’s do it together, brothers.

FYI: If she asks why your doing this don’t tell her “because that stupid bald guy challenged me to!!” Tell her it’s because you love her and cherish her.

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  1. Richard Addo

    What an insight into marriage affairs; i wili rather stay with my Treasure From God and do my homework well than to live in the desert negleting my helpmate. God bless You keep keep it up.

    August 31, 2012 at 1:40 am

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