Far from God

I hate the phrase “far from God.” It implies that we could escape God. As much as we may try that is not possible. You could be far from His ways and teachings but as soon as you turn to Him He is right there to lift you up. You may have turned your back on Him but He is still pursuing your heart, let Him in.

It’s like the phrase “wherever you go there you are.” The same is true of Him “wherever you go there HE is.” We can’t escape His loving arms but we sure can and do waste a lot of time trying.

In this mortal life, He never leaves us. It doesn’t matter the circumstances of your conception, birth or upbringing. It doesn’t even matter what kind of a mess you have turned your life into, God created each and every one of us out of love. Because of that love for us all He sent His one only son to die for us so that we don’t have to. Would you sacrifice your only child for another person or people if you didn’t want them around?

You serve a purpose. You may not know what it is but God does. So, if He created us all and we were created for a purpose that He knows about how could we be far from Him? He planned us and has plans for us. That sounds like an investment on His part. Why not explore the possibilities? Invest in Him, He’s not far from you.


One response

  1. Merrilyn Barto

    Thank you….. needed this today~ OUR GOD is amazing!!~

    October 22, 2010 at 10:26 am

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