Live or die?

Do you know anyone that is just sitting around waiting to die? I see it all the time in people usually 40 or older that think their life’s goal or mission is over. Your life mission isn’t over until your life is over.

Their kids grow up and leave the nest so it’s all over, or they retire and act as if they have no purpose left in life. Even others, lose a loved one and act as if they are the one that has died. Then they all sit around waiting for death to take them.

It’s sad to see, really. This life is not over until the last breath escapes our bodies. But then there is an eternity to be spent where we choose to spend it. There is an eternal life or an eternal death. The first part of Psalm 49: 10 says “We see that wise people die, and so do stupid fools.” So, we all fit one of those two categories, either wise or stupid and both of those groups are going to die. John 5:24 tells us “…whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.”  (BTW, I’m not saying one belief or the other is wise or stupid. I know a lot of non-believers that are very intelligent and I know a lot of believers that aren’t playing with a full deck.)

I believe God can and will use each and every one of us even in the memory of others beyond our death. If we just open our hearts and minds to Him, He will enrich and fulfill our current lives beyond anything we could ever imagine.

I also believe there is evidence that God uses us all, whether we turn to Him or not. You may give in to the destructiveness of alcohol or drug addiction and your family or friends vow never to let it ruin their lives like it has yours. You may be mean and hateful or endlessly negative, causing others around you to not want to be like you. So, God can use that all to help and inspire others but why live as a bad example? Why let your life story be a “what not to do book”? Why not open up your heart and mind and become an active part of God’s kingdom building.

Of course now you may be saying “You don’t know what I’ve done.” Quite frankly, I don’t care and neither does God as long as you confess it to Him. Here’s a little secret: He already knows what you’ve done. And, He’s already forgiven it through His son Jesus. He’s just waiting for you to bring it to Him and confess it.

Trust me I spent many, many years of my life being a poster child for “What not to do” as a husband, father, friend, business owner, employer… you name it I’ve screwed it up in one way or another. Truthfully, I still screw up. We all do, but now I have some guidance and direction to get back on track where before I just plowed that train right through no matter who or what I took out in my path.

So, what do you say are you ready to keep on living? There’s more to life than “this life.” It’s not really over when it’s over. The Bible tells us there is an eternity. Where will you spend yours?


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