Praise God…

Bible w glassesToday I had the honor to witness the most amazing Baptism I have ever seen. I saw and heard from a man that spent most of his 40+ years attending church but never really understanding who Jesus was and what He really was to us all. Well, recent events in this mans life brought him to his knees and to the foot of the cross. Today, we spent some time in worship to God and then listened to his story. Then we saw this man baptized. It was such an awesome thing to experience. He describes his experience as having being given a new pair of glasses. He says he sees things so much more clearly now and is begining to understand the love of Christ, and it’s obvious. It’s so beautiful to see Christ working in this mans life and to already see God’s plans for him start to unfold.

Thank you my brother for allowing me to be a part of this special occasion. Hang in there, God bless and don’t forget your glasses.

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