Even the Little Things Matter to God…

Last month Jenni and I took a vacation to Tampa, FL. We stayed in a great condo on Treasure Island. We did a lot of nothing and just had a wonderful time doing it. We rested and reconnected with each other and with the Lord.

We walked the beaches a lot while we were there. We saw lots of small shells. I did some snorkeling and found a lot of larger shells and sand dollars. There was one thing I looked for though and never found. I’m not sure why but I just thought it would be neat to find a sharks tooth. I looked and looked and looked but never did find one. I even saw a guy catch a small shark along the shore but no sharks tooth for me. I wasn’t overly upset by this and pretty much forgot about as we packed up to return home.

We got home on a Tuesday evening and I went back to work on Wednesday. I was attempting to get the sand out of my brain since my mind was still on the beach. I was preparing for my day and walking around my office. As some of you may know I tend to dress rather casual at work. I had on a pair of slip-ons that I had worn while in Florida though not that much. I was still thanking God for the blessing of such a wonderful time. Suddenly I felt a stab in the bottom of my foot. I removed my shoe and there stuck in the bottom of my foot was a sharks tooth! It was no biggerP7200001 than a rose thorn. I would have never been able to find something that size on the vast beaches we walked. But there it was.

It was such a little thing but it meant so much to me. It was a small gift from God but a huge reminder of this vacation and to remember that I need to occasionally slow down and take time for myself, my wife and my God (not necessarily in that order).  Thank You Father.

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