Wasabi Gospel

wasabiweb2I’d like to tell you about an awesome book I just read by Shawn Wood called Wasabi Gospel. This book will be available for retail sales on July 8th in a “book bomb” at Amazon.com  Check it out!

I’m not a big fan of hot or spicy foods like hot wings, Mexican food, Indian food those sorts of things. For one reason they don’t seem to like my body and I can’t get to far from the house after eating them. But another reason is I don’t understand the point of having your lips, mouth, throat, stomach and eventually other body parts burning or even to the point where you can’t even feel them anymore. I just don’t get the appeal. But for some reason the first time I tried Wasabi I loved it. Sure it was a bit scary at first and I only tried a small teeny tiny bit but I soon found that not only did I like the taste, it also agreed with my body.

Jesus saved me a little more than three years ago and over this span of time I have experience many gut punch moments with scripture. I had never made the comparison of wasabi and scriture but being familiar with both I love the idea. To compare the effects of wasabi to the effects of scripture is brilliant in my opinion. I love how wasabi and The Word stimulate your senses, awaken you and gives you the punch that Shawn Wood discribes so well in his new book Wasabi Gospel. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this little unassuming glob of green paste it is typically served with sushi. It seems very innocent and harmless but as Shawn found out it packs quite a punch. Gods word can do the same thing. Shawn does a wonderful job in this book explaining how certain scriptures can seem so innocent and harmless until you get a little taste of them at just the right moment under just the right circumstances and <POW!> right in the gut.

This book may look small but don’t let that fool you. It too packs quite a punch. I highly recommand it one and all. If you believe it delivers affirmation on what you may already have experienced and it convicts you to be bolder in spreading the Gods word. If you’re not a believer or you are confused and have questions this book may help explain what God means in the way He describes and commands certain things in scripture. Again, you can find it HERE at Amazon on July 8th.

You can learn more about the book or Shawn at www.wasabigospel.com or his blog at  www.shawnwoodwrites.com or follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/shawnwood or friend him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shawnwood

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  2. dmbaldwin

    Hey Rick,
    I did a review of Wasabi Gospel as well. Had the same impact on me. Great Post! Have a GREAT time with Tony Morgan too. He’s coming to our church in October to help us out! Should be excellent.


    Dave Baldwin


    July 13, 2009 at 9:18 pm

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