Less Clutter Less Noise

clutter1I just finished Less Clutter Less Noise by Kem Meyer and I must say thank you. Thank you Jesus for the passion You have given Kem for church communications. Thank you to all who have driven, inspired, challenged and otherwise shaped and molded Kem into the person she is. Thank you to Granger Community Church for fostering an attitude of sharing and love among your leaders. And last but certainly not least thank you Kem for your hard work, dedication, inspiration, motivation and any other -tion I may have forgotten.

I first met Kem a few years ago at a workshop she was conducting at GCC. I had a fire burning for our newly formed communications position I was helping to start at our growing church, The Ridge, and Kem effectively threw gasoline on that fire. Over the years I have valued her insight and commentary as well as her wit, reality and humbleness. I am also the owner of a small business and I have found that this information is applicable not only in the church but business as well.

The willingness to share from Kem and the entire staff at GCC is amazing and unfortunately not often found in business or church. At times I’m not sure how appreciative our patoral staff has been for what I have learned from Kem but ultimately it has all worked out for the best (just kidding). Less Clutter Less Noise is a great source to aleviate or outright avoid some of the trials and tribulations one can and will encounter in the arena of communications. Whether you are a seasoned vetereran or a newbie there is plenty of “take-away” available. Buy it now, I dare you…

Thanks again Kem, you ROCK!!!

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