pray for them…

Last Sunday I went to Arbys with my wife and a friend. I’m not particular fond of Arbys, as a matter of fact I think I said “let’s go somewhere else”. As often happens I was outvoted and we went.

While standing in line to place our orders my attention was drawn to a young couple with two children sitting at a table together. There was an obvious tension among them and a silence that was deafening. Occasionally I would see her fight back some tears. I’m not sure what was going on in their lives at that moment but my heart was broken for them. I began to pray for them at that moment and they haven’t left my thoughts or prayers much since then. I offered her a smile when I caught her eye as they left, which she painfully returned. At first I was kicking myself for not offering more, a kind word, an open comment to spark a conversation… but then I realized why I had been placed there at that time (I don’t even like Arbys, remember). I was there to pray for them… I got caught up in “what can I offer them” and almost forgot “what He can offer them”.

Interestingly enough, the week before, as part of the study “Experiencing God” that Jen and I have been taking for the last 10 weeks I recently prayed for God to break my heart for the things that break His. I’m not not sure what I’ve gotten myself into with that but wow, it didn’t take long for Him to start.

I’m not sure what has come of them or what will come of them but I will continue to pray for them as long as can and I ask that anyone reading this please take a moment and do the same… Thank you and God bless.

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