Where did it all go so wrong???

Hi I’m Rick and I’m an addict… I started out with pagers when I was younger. I thought I could handle it and all. Then I got my first cell phone… I just used it a little back then to keep the wife informed and stuff like that. But it was never enough… I kept it at phone calls for a long time but then I started texting just last year and man was it sweet! I really thought I had it all under control. It was just a simple little Razor phone and again I was just trying to keep my wife updated and occasionally talk with my teenage daughter .. Sure I’d get on the web every once in a while but only for movie listings and the occasional peak at Twitter. “I could handle it!!” Then I tried my first Blackberry! I fought it for years. I’d see my friends with them and think “I’m ok with my phone I don’t need all those apps and other stuff like a full qwerty keypad and unlimited texting and maps and mobile email ooohhhh… Then one day in a moment of weakness I did it… I got one… I had it all under control for about half a day or so then, the Facebook app and the Twitter app they called me and ooohhh they were. Who would have thought how it could be… And then I discovered the WordPress mobile page and here I am laying in bed typing this blog… And to think it all started so innocently (but doesn’t it always) Curse you Verizon and Blackberry!!! Curse you!!! I want my life back!!!

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