Experiencing God week 1

Experiencing GodMy wife, Jenni, and I started a class this week called Experiencing God. It is a 12-13 week lesson in a small group setting. I had heard a little bit about the course from friends that said it can change your life. Two of my dear friends actually quit their full time jobs to become pastors after taking this course. Knowing this Jenni was very leery of allowing me to take it as was I. It’s not that we’re not open to God’s calling but we have grown comfortable in our current positions and settings. This can be a very dangerous thing. I have already felt a calling to the church/ministry for some time now and wrestled with it a bit. I don’t think the time has come yet but it is coming. Well some circumstances occurred (divine intervention?) that gave us the opportunity to sign up for the group.

The first class was last Wednesday and was very interesting. So far the homework has been very eye opening and thought provoking. It is my hope and prayer that Jenni and I can take our next steps together, grow spiritually and learn what God wants us to do. I will keep you posted as the course progresses and we learn to better obey and experience God.

One response

  1. snoozy72

    I’ll be in prayer for you & Jenni as you go through this course. I know God has big stuff up His Sleeve for you! You are an inspiration!

    January 13, 2009 at 8:40 am

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