What a bunch of crap!!

Here’s a post I just had to share from Perry Noble I love it!!! You Rock, Perry!

Before reading this post and getting angry with me that I used an illustration with “crap” in it…take a look at Deuteronomy 23:12-14 where God tells the Israelites to get the crap out of the camp…MIGHT be a message out of this text in the future!)
Saturday morning is date morning…and when Charisse and I first began…we had an “interesting” ritual EVERY Saturday morning.

I would go upstairs to wake her up, change her diaper and then bring her downstairs to feed her (either Cheerios or a cereal bar and some fruit.)

After she ate (which took a while) we would then go upstairs, get her dressed and go outside or on a “car ride.”

BUT…not before she pooped.

Seriously, she always used to have an after breakfast poop…and if she wasn’t done pooping after she ate then we would just sit around and wait…

WHICH sometimes bothered me because I wanted to take her somewhere.  I wanted her to experience new things.  I wanted to see her go to places she had never gone before…

BUT…we could not moved until she got the crap out of her!!!  Sometimes it took awhile…sometimes it happened immediately…but we didn’t move until she did her deal!

The same could be said with us and our walk with God…He is amazing, He is the perfect Father and wants to take us places in life that will absolutely blow our minds.  Jeremiah 29:11 tells us His plans are awesome.

I say this often and people ask, “Then why do I feel stuck where I am?”

Could it be that He is waiting on you to get the crap out of your life?

Seriously, is there something in your life that you might call a bad habit or an “issue” that He would flat out call “crap” and tell you that you are staying where you are until you get it out of your life?

What is crap anyway?  It is the stuff that our body has deemed wasteful and does not need.  If God is asking you to get rid of something/quit something…then He knows that what He’s calling you to get rid of is wasteful…and you do not need it!

AND…if crap somehow gets into your bloodsteam…it can be toxic.  The reason God wants the crap out of our lives isn’t because He doesn’t love it…but rather BECAUSE He loves us.  He knows the damage it will do long term.

Sin, from God’s point of view…is CRAP!  It is what caused Jesus to have to give His life on the cross.  It’s the grossest thing in His sight…and instead of us forming groups in the church to talk about the crap in our lives and affirm our crappiness…He would rather us confess it and repent of it!!!
So…question…is there anything in your life that God would say is “crappy” and needs to go?

Just a thought!

Thanks Perry that is some awesome crap!

One response

  1. snoozy72

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing that! Seriously, I’m not crappin’ you! 🙂

    January 13, 2009 at 8:36 am

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