Innovate 08

Well, let me say that Innovate 08 did not disappoint last week. Man what an awesome time. It was inspirational, educational, motivational and many, many other ationals.

These guys rocked the house:

  • Tim Stevens great insight on leveraging pop culture in the church
  • Rob Wegner always super energetic definitely keeps you awake and on your toes
  • Mark Beeson a wonderful opening and tremendous recap and closing
  • Shawn Wood great presentation. His book helped me sort through some things in my walk.
  • Steven Furtick his message spoke volumes. He was totally off the hook!

The over-all theme “Stop Talking and Start Doing” something I think we need to apply more often in all aspects of our lives and especially in our churches. I sat in on a break out session with Kem Meyer. It was about using “social networking” to better relate and communicate with your friends, family, church, ministry team. As always she nailed it. I also met a new friend, Tim Schraeder I had been following his blog for a while and had taken some advice from his writings in the past. Thanks Tim.

All-in-all a wonderful experience. Thank you Granger Community Church for your always amazing hospitality and guidance.

One response

  1. Glad that the book was meaningful to you.
    Carve Pomegranates!

    September 22, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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