What the heck was that?!?!

Well, any of you that live in the path of that windstorm/hurricane are probably still realing from the effects. Living in Ohio I never in a million years would have been worried about being struck or even adveresly affected by Ike or any other hurricane for that matter. Boy, was I wrong in that line of thinking. We are on day 3 at my house with no power. I have a well also, which means, you guessed it, no water either. The first night was no big deal really. I got the sleep I so much needed from a previous few busy days. I woke up Monday morning and fired up the ol’ gas grill and fixed breakfast. That was a little fun. But, last night it got old. I resorted to surfing the net a little on my phone just to feel in touch again. They are saying it could be days before everyone gets their power back. However, the blessing in disguise is that I have been in the word more than ussual the past few days and God has been revealing more and more to me. I am also getting a lesson in compassion. What we are going through is nothing compared to those actually on a coastline when one of these bad boys hits. I’m getting depressed after just a few days without my normal routine and all. I keep thinking, how in the world do they do it?  I feel that God is really using this time to expand my heart (which some may say was needed) and feel more love and concern for those in crisis. Thank you Heavenly Father for this.

But seriously problems in Ohio?!?!

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