You Know Who You Are… If Not, Forgive Me.

First off let me say thank you and… forgive me. Thank you for being great friend and caring so much about me and where I am and where I am going. I don’t express that nearly enough to anyone especially those closest to me. Thank you for being there and putting up with me or tolerating me or taming me at times. Thank you for convicting and/or humbling me when I need it. Thank you for overlooking where I’ve been and for pointing out where I should or shouldn’t be. Thank you from the deepest realms of my heart.

Also, forgive me. Forgive me that you see me all too often “unfiltered”. Forgive me that I often only have time to dump the negative things on you rather than share the goodness that I see everyday through Christ’s eyes. Forgive me that all you may hear sometimes is my whining and moaning and complaining instead of the amazing things God is doing in my life and the amazing things I see through Him in you. For all this I ask your forgiveness and I thank you too. Without you I would not be who I am or where I am so for that thank you.

I consider it a true blessing to have you all in my life. Please know that I am usually all too aware of my negativity, misdirection, moods, and all my other crap. But, I thank you and ask you to continue to please point it out anyway (even if my reaction or response is less than favorable, for those times forgive me) I expect no less from you.

Please remember that my bark is mostly worse than my bite and what you hear from me is the “raw” version of what I ultimately think or say, for that, forgive me and thank you for listening. This also is my method of throwing it all out there so that I can really see what I am looking at and working with. Once this is done I, more often than not, then have to remove the log from my eye to proceed further. This is the way I do things. I’m sure it’s not the best or always healthy but so far it’s what I have.

For all this I have been and remain in prayer. I thank you in advance for praying for me as I know you do and will continue. I have often felt those prayers, please never stop and always know that I do and will pray for you as well. Thanks in large part to you, I am and will be (quite literally) “eternally” grateful. And for future reference forgive me, thank you and I love you.

Grace and Peace,

Rick Phillips

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