Pop Goes The Church part 2

It’s Monday morning June 23rd 9am and I’m awake and excited. Yes, for those of you who know me, I said it is a Monday morning and I’m awake and excited. I’m at Granger Community Church (GCC) in Granger, IN. I’m attending Pop Goes the Church. I read the book about a month or so ago. The author, Tim Stevens, is also teaching the class. Now Tim has caught a lot of flack for some of the things he says in the book. I personally think he has ticked off Satan with some of these ideas and that is the reason behind the flack. The loudest being Christians. Yes, Christians! I’m not going to get into whether those people are really followers of Christ. I’m not going to slam them for being “old school” or close minded. I feel there is room for all levels, types, and styles of church as long as they are Christ centered. We all learn and grow differently.
A lot of the claims against pastors like Tim and churches like GCC are they are not Biblical, or they are embracing the culture. For GCC that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have attended services and other courses at GCC and they are very Biblically based. If it weren’t for this kind of church or pastor I’m pretty sure I would never have been introduced to Christ in a way that I felt open or comfortable with and eventually come to a saving knowledge of Him. I was met where I was and brought to where God wants me. I am still on that journey and will be for the rest of my life. I have made a covenant with the Lord to either constantly continue in my spiritual growth or if need be pick myself up get back on course with what He has in store for me. I pray the latter will never occur but I know if it does I have my Lord and my church family for the support I will need.
I will be blogging this week on this topic and what I get from this class but for now back to the session…

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