zzzz… Oh sorry

Well, we had pretty good time in Gatlinburg. I can’t say I’m a huge fan but all-in-all it was a good time. On the return trip I got a call from Darrel my good friend and pastor. He was headed to Ichthus (big Christian woodstock kinda thing) He asked me if I wanted to go, after thinking about it I thought “sure why not”. So my wife and family left me at a Denny’s in Lexington, KY and Darrel and crew picked me up. So after a somewhat sleep deprived vacation and a drowsy drive from G-burg to Lexington I went to an outdoor concert heard a great message heard Family Force 5 David Crowder Band and Casting Crowns. We got home about 3 am and then had three services to deal with starting at about 8 am. The bands were awesome, the worship was amazing and the message God gave me through it all is very affirming and in a way settling but scares the daylights out of me. (more on that as it transpires) Thank you Darrel, Carter, Paul, Maddie and Amy for a good time.

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  1. darrelbob

    We had a great time at Ichthus, didn’t we? David Crowder rocks!

    July 12, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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