Marissa 2nd from left (ain\'t she adorable)My daughter Marissa, 2nd from the left, (ain’t she adorable) was inducted into the National Honor Society tonight I am so unbelievably proud of her. I don’t tell her nearly enough and I’m not sure she gets it when I do tell her. She will be 16 in August. She has been such an amazing child and is becoming an amazing young lady (BACK OFF GUYS!!!) Sometimes I wonder how in the world she survived all these years with me as her father and then I remember she has another Father and it is through His grace that she survived me and my failures. I am truly blessed to have her and her mother and I thank God everyday for them. I was baptized almost 2 years ago now and right after I was baptized I had the amazing privilege and honor to help baptize Marissa. That is one of the most memorable times in my walk so far. I had a chance to see the video again in a baptism compilation video at church last week and I lost it. Thank you Lord. I love you Boo. -love, Daddy.

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