I got me some God time…

WOW!!! Monday I took the day off and had an awesome day. I started off with breakfast with my mom, dad and sister. Then golf with dad. Now I can swing a club and make contact with the ball, I can even get the ball down the fairway but that’s about where the resemblance to golf my game ends. Later I took my Bible and my prayer journal and I hit the local hiking trails. Just me, the Word and God. I spent about 4 hours just walking and praying. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I hadn’t been on those trails in probably 18 years or more (pretty sad considering they are less than 5 miles from my house) I opened myself up and gave it all up to the Lord. I spoke some dangerous prayers. I asked God to:

  • use me for whatever He needs
  • reveal to me the next steps He wants me to take in my walk
  • challenge and teach me
  • make me bolder in my faith

I found a little island in the stream there and sat for while and read some passages I had marked in the last year or so. It was so powerful. I also reviewed my prayer journal from the past year (it was not nearly full enough) and saw how God had answered the prayers I had. It was interesting to see how some of them had been answered in ways that I had not expected but they had been answered in one way or another. I highly recommend this to everyone. Maybe the woods are not for you but get some God time. Get alone for an extended period of time and speak with Him. I’m planning to take longer next time. I’m also planning on doing it again very, very soon. I hope to do this 1-2 times a month for 5-6 hours each time. I will be asking others to keep me accountable for it.

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