Indiana Jones…

Wow! What an energetic start to our new series “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of God” The energy level was off the chart. The Holy Spirit was definitely in attendance, even in my sleep deprived state I could feel Him there. (late nights from stage set up) We had lots of jaw dropping and compliments about the stage design. It took a lot of time and hard work but it’s all worth it if it helps 1) people feel more comfortable and less intimidated about coming to church to check it out and 2) our members and attenders excited about inviting friends, family and neighbors to explore the Word and learn about Christ. Another plus was the opportunity to teach some of our youth about serving Christ if a fun and unique way. They saved our behinds by helping out with the set and final clean up. (It would have never gotten done or turned out as cool without them.) THANK YOU all! Well, I have recovered some after my Sunday afternoon nap but I think it’s time to start my Sunday evening nap. See ya.

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