The real church… part 2

Wow, another great message from the WHY> series today. Again, the room was full of the Spirit of God. But I want to talk more about the people. They make up the church and I couldn’t serve with a better bunch of people. It’s exciting to see God working in their lives… and you can see it. It’s all around them… in their attitudes, their eyes, their willingness to serve others. Last night we had a volunteer banquet Involved 2008, to say thanks for all that they do. Now it’s not a braggy show or anything. We all understand it’s not about us, but it never hurts to tell those that serve thanks every once in a while. It’s really cool to see the way they all lay it down for Christ and everyone who comes through the doors on Sunday I mean one guy Joe, he cleans… and loves it… he’s told me how he just loves to be their on Friday or Saturday nights just him, the vacuum cleaner and the Lord. That is so cool but hey Joe the only reason He’s in that building is because you’re there. What I mean by that is He is in you… He is wherever you are Joe whether it’s in that church building, at work, in the car, anywhere, anytime. He is always with us. I love Joe he’s great to be around and a great father and loving husband and I don’t mean to pick on him. All I’m trying to say is don’t forget He is wherever you are if you let Him be. I think we forget that now and then I know I do. I’ll think “man I can’t wait to get to church” or ” oh I need to include that in my prayers later.” Why not right now, right here… well I’d better go for now, my coffee has worn off and I’m about to crash.

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