The real church… part 1

I love my church… I’m standing here as the worship team sings and you can just feel the Holy Spirit everywhere. Normally, I would be belting out the songs with them but I just felt led to get this down… It’s just so exciting here each and every Sunday… actually anytime you get near this building but more than that it’s the true church that projects this feeling and channels the Holy Spirit. It’s the people and that is what God meant by the “church”. It’s not a bunch of wood, brick or concrete. It’s the people in or out of that building. I think we, as believers, forget that sometimes and in forgetting that we can’t show that to the non-believers, seekers, unchurched or what ever you want to call them. We need to not just tell it… we need to live it… and in living it, the way Christ intended us to, those around us will see and learn more than we could ever hope to verbally explain to them. Well, more on that later, Pastor Rollie is starting his message now…

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